Katelynn Enhancing You




I believe in keeping yourself surrounded with positivity.

i am an animal lover and have a weakness for dogs.

rarely do i take myself seriously. 

fancy dinners and fine wine are great, but i'm just as happy with beer and pizza.

i love traveling to new places, especially ones with a historical background. 

nature is my therapy. 

i'm a certified esthetician.

a glass of wine and a little beyonce can solve anything. 






as a southern girl born and raised in nc and a former model having worked in la, i had the opportunity to experience and learn about the entertainment industry. i quickly learned hollywood standards are considered the norm. it was when i began to see young females heartbroken because they don't look like the 'girl in the magazine' and not understanding why, my heart changed direction. i had a mission. i truly believe everyone has a unique beauty and makeup should never be used to hide or disguise, but to enhance. with a background in skincare and a love for makeup artistry, it is my mission to, not only show you your natural beauty, but teach you a few things so you can see it too. 

my name is Katelynn and I believe in enhancing you.